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Grove Park School

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Music at Grove Park

At Grove Park, singing is at the heart of our music curriculum and we aim to make music an enjoyable experience for all children. Music is an integral part of life. It is a powerful and unique form of communication that can change and impact the way children feel, think and act.

Our teaching focuses on developing the children’s ability to sing in tune and play tuned and untuned musical instruments with increasing control, fluency and expression. Children listen to and appreciate different forms of music across different time periods, cultures and traditions. As they progress through the school, they will increasingly understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated through the interrelated dimensions of music.

Music in the classroom is delivered through the Sing Up music scheme, which is aligned with the new non-statutory model music curriculum. Music lessons feature lots of singing as well as instrumental experience.

In year 4, children have the Music Plus program and the opportunity to learn the ukulele as a class with Mrs Laura Williams, a music specialist. In all other year groups, music is taught by the class teachers.

In addition to classroom music lessons, all children participate in weekly singing assemblies.

We also provide a variety of musical exposure throughout the year through: assemblies, concerts and performances.

Individual/Group Instrumental Tuition

Children have the opportunity to take up individual or small group lessons with The Music For Schools Foundation. These lessons take place during the school day and are funded by parents. This year, we have also welcomed small group lessons by iRock school of music. These have proved very popular with children from reception through to year 6. These rock and pop band lessons are extremely fun and help build confidence. They choose which instrument they wish to play and then learn as a band, performing to the rest of the school at the end of each term.


We are very proud of our choir at Grove Park. Choir is open to all children from year 3 – 6. It takes place every week on a Monday after school from 3.20 – 4.15pm.

The choir regularly take part in activities throughout the year, including singing at the Christmas Bazaar, Christmas carols at a local care home, the Toy Service at the Salvation Army, the Young Voices concert at the O2 arena and the end of year school production.

O2 Young Voices Concert May 2022