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Grove Park School

Working together, achieving more


At Bourne Alliance we believe that pupils should develop a sense of awe for natural phenomena and an enquiring mind about the world around them. Pupils should have the confidence and skills to be able to find scientific solutions and truth for themselves through practical enquiry. They should be able to apply scientific method throughout every area of their lives. We recognise that science surrounds us and is vital to the future. At Bourne Alliance we believe that pupils should be ready to adapt and contribute in a changing world.

In order to embed investigation skills in pupil’s long-term memory, our pupils complete at least one full science investigation each term. The investigation asks children to apply the knowledge that they have learnt throughout the term. We believe the investigation skills are core knowledge that pupils should master before they leave our school in year 6.

Thinking Doing Talking Science:

We follow this approach to science which enables to children investigate and explore with minimal recording. We want to encourage thinking, talking and doing within our science curriculum.